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Premium Engine Water PumpWater Pump (HeavyDuty) Gates 46002HD (Fast Shipping)

Premium Engine Water PumpWater Pump (HeavyDuty) Gates 46002HD (Fast Shipping)
Premium Engine Water PumpWater Pump (HeavyDuty) Gates 46002HD (Fast Shipping)
Premium Engine Water PumpWater Pump (HeavyDuty) Gates 46002HD (Fast Shipping)
Premium Engine Water PumpWater Pump (HeavyDuty) Gates 46002HD (Fast Shipping)

Premium Engine Water PumpWater Pump (HeavyDuty) Gates 46002HD (Fast Shipping)

Brand: Gates Part Number: 46002HD Item Condition: New Item Description: Water Pump (Heavy-Duty) Quantity Needed: 1 Item Specifics. Our heavy-duty water pump o?

Ering is designed to handle severe and rigorous conditions. 100 percent fully tested unitized bearings and seals. Computerized machined surfaces for proper fit and sealing. Gates heavy-duty water pumps are represented as a part number with an HD suffix. New pumps manufactured to ISO/TS 16949 standards. Water Pump, 3 Plugs, O-Ring. See Item Specifics section for additional specifications about this part. To confirm that this part fits your vehicle, enter your vehicle's Year, Make, Model, Trim and Engine in the Compatibility Table. Also review the notes section in the compatibility chart for additional specifications about this part. This part generally fits American LaFrance, Flxible Transit Bus, Ford, Freightliner, International Harvester, Kenworth, Mack, Motor Coach Industries, New Flyer, Orion Bus, Oshkosh Motor Truck Co. Sterling Truck, Van Hool, Volvo, Western Star, Whit e/GMC vehicles and includes models such as 102D3,102DL3,102EL3,357,362,372,377,378,379,385,4800,4900,4900E, 4900EX, 4900FA, 4900SA, 59 00,6900XD, 8100,8200,8300,9100 SBA, 9100i SBA, 9200 SBA, 9200i SBA, 9300,9400,9400i SBA, 9600,9700,9800 SBA, 9900 SFA, 9900,9900i SFA, 9900 i, 9900ix SFA, 9900ix, A9500, A9513, A9522, ACL, ALF Eagle, Argosy, AT9500, AT9513, AT9522, C2045, C40LF, C500, Century Class, CL, Classic XL, Class ic, Columbia, Coronado, D40, D40LF, D60, Dash, FL106, FL112, FLA086, FLB, FLC112, FLD112, FLD120, FLD120SD, FLD132, FLL086, H, J4500, K100E, L9000, L95 00, L9511, L9513, LA9000, LLA9000, LLS9000, LS9000, LT9000, LT9500, LT9501, LT9511, LT9513, LT9522, LTA9000, LTLA9000, LTLS9000, LTS9000, Metro 35, Orion V, Orion VI, P, ST9500, T2000, T600A, T800, VN, VNL, VNM, W900, WAH, WC, WCA, WG, WH, WHEB, WHL, WHLB, WHM, WHR, WI, WIA with the trims of 120 Gli ders - Long Conventional, 120 Straight Truck - Long Conventional, 120 Tractor Truck - High Tilt, 120 Tractor Truck - Long Conventiona l 2-Door, 120 Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, 132 Gliders - Long Conventional, 132 Straight Truck - Long Conventional, 132 Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, 4864-2 Straight Truck - Low Tilt, 4864-2 Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, 4864T-2 Tractor Truck - Med ium Conventional, 4884-2 Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, 4884T-2 Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, 4900-0 Straight Truck - L ong Conventional, 4900-0 Straight Truck - Low Tilt, 4942-1 Straight Truck - Long Conventional, 4942T-1 Tractor Truck - Long Conventio nal, 4944-1 Straight Truck - Long Conventional, 4964-2 Straight Truck - Long Conventional, 4964-2 Straight Truck - Low Tilt, 4964ET-2 Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, 4964T-2 Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, 4984T-2 Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, 4986-2 Strai ght Truck - Long Conventional, 4986T-2 Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, 5942T-1 Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, 5964-2 Straight Truck - Long Conventional, 5964T-2 Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, 5964T-2 Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, ACL42 Straight Tru ck - Medium Conventional, ACL64 Straight Truck - Low Tilt, ACL64 Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, ACL64T Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, ACL84 Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, Base Bus (Non School) - Cab Forward, Base Fire Truck - Cab Forward, Base Fir e Truck - Low Tilt, Base Gliders - High Tilt, Base Gliders - Long Conventional, Base Gliders - Medium Conventional, Base Gliders - Unk nown, Base Straight Truck - High Tilt, Base Straight Truck - Long Conventional, Base Straight Truck - Low Tilt, Base Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, Base Straight Truck - Short Conventional, Base Straight Truck - Special, Base Tractor Truck - High Tilt, Base Tra ctor Truck - Long Conventional, Base Tractor Truck - Low Tilt, Base Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, Base Tractor Truck - Short C onventional, Base, C112 Gliders - Medium Conventional, C112 Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, C112 Tractor Truck - Low Tilt, C112 T ractor Truck - Medium Conventional, C120 Gliders - Long Conventional, C120 Straight Truck - Long Conventional, C120 Straight Truck - Low Tilt, C120 Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, C120 Tractor Truck - Low Tilt, CL600 Straight Truck - Long Conventional, CL600 Strai ght Truck - Low Tilt, CL600 Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, CL600 Tractor Truck - Low Tilt, CL700 Straight Truck - Long Convention al, CL700 Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, CL700 Tractor Truck - Low Tilt, CST112 Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, CST112 Tract or Truck - Medium Conventional, CST120 Gliders - Long Conventional, CST120 Straight Truck - Long Conventional, CST120 Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, CST120 Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, CST120 Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, FL10642S Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, FL10642ST Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, FL10644S Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, FL10662ST Tracto r Truck - Medium Conventional, FL10664S Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, FL10664ST Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, FL10666S Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, FL11242S Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, FL11242ST Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, FL11262S Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, FL11264S Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, FL11264ST Tractor Truck - Medium Conve ntional, FL11284S Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, FLA08642S Straight Truck - High Tilt, FLA08642S Straight Truck - Low Tilt, FLA 08642ST Tractor Truck - High Tilt, FLA08662ST Tractor Truck - High Tilt, FLA08664S Straight Truck - High Tilt, FLA08664S Straight Tru ck - Low Tilt, FLA08664ST Tractor Truck - High Tilt, FLA08684S Straight Truck - High Tilt, FLA08684S Straight Truck - Low Tilt, FLA086 84ST Tractor Truck - High Tilt, FLB106S Straight Truck - High Tilt, FLB106S Straight Truck - Low Tilt, FLB42S Straight Truck - High T ilt, FLB42ST Tractor Truck - High Tilt, FLB62ST Tractor Truck - High Tilt, FLB64S Straight Truck - High Tilt, FLB64S Straight Truck - Low Tilt, FLB64ST Tractor Truck - High Tilt, FLB84S Straight Truck - High Tilt, FLB84S Straight Truck - Low Tilt, FLB84ST Tractor Truc k - High Tilt, FLC11242S Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, FLC11242ST Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, FLC11264S Straight Tru ck - Long Conventional, FLC11264S Straight Truck - Low Tilt, FLC11264S Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, FLC11264ST Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, FLC11284S Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, FLC11284ST Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, FLD11242S Str aight Truck - Medium Conventional, FLD11242ST Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, FLD11262ST Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, FL D11264S Straight Truck - Low Tilt, FLD11264S Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, FLD11264ST Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, FL D120104S Straight Truck - Long Conventional, FLD120104S Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, FLD120104ST Tractor Truck - Long Conve ntional, FLD120106S Straight Truck - Long Conventional, FLD120124S Straight Truck - Long Conventional, FLD120124S Straight Truck - Lo w Tilt, FLD12042S Straight Truck - Long Conventional, FLD12042S Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, FLD12042ST Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, FLD12042ST Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, FLD12062S Straight Truck - Long Conventional, FLD12062ST Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, FLD12064S Straight Truck - Long Conventional, FLD12064S Straight Truck - Low Tilt, FLD12064S Straight Truck - M edium Conventional, FLD12064ST Straight Truck - Long Conventional, FLD12064ST Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, FLD12066S Straight T ruck - Long Conventional, FLD12066S Straight Truck - Low Tilt, FLD12066ST Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, FLD12084S Straight Truck - Long Conventional, FLD12084S Straight Truck - Low Tilt, FLD12084S Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, FLD12084ST Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, FLD12086S Straight Truck - Long Conventional, FLD12086ST Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, FLL086106S Straight T ruck - Low Tilt, FLL08642S Straight Truck - Low Tilt, FLL08664S Straight Truck - Low Tilt, FLL08664ST Tractor Truck - Low Tilt, FLL086 84S Straight Truck - Low Tilt, Urban 30 Bus (Non School) - Cab Forward, Urban 35 Bus (Non School) - Cab Forward, Urban 40 Bus (Non Sc hool) - Cab Forward, VN42T Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, VN64T Tractor Truck - Long Conventional, WAH42 Straight Truck - Short C onventional, WAH62 Straight Truck - Short Conventional, WAH64 Straight Truck - Short Conventional, WAH64T Tractor Truck - Short Conve ntional, WCA42 Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, WCA42T Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, WCA62T Tractor Truck - Medium Conven tional, WCA64 Straight Truck - Medium Conventional, WCA64T Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, WG42 Straight Truck - Medium Conventi onal, WG42T Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, WG62T Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, WG64 Straight Truck - Low Tilt, WG64 Strai ght Truck - Medium Conventional, WG64T Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, WHEB42T Tractor Truck - High Tilt, WHEB64T Tractor Truck - High Tilt, WHL42 Straight Truck - High Tilt, WHL42T Tractor Truck - High Tilt, WHL64T Tractor Truck - High Tilt, WHLB64 Straight Tru ck - High Tilt, WHLB64T Tractor Truck - High Tilt, WHM64T Tractor Truck - High Tilt, WHR42T Tractor Truck - High Tilt, WHR62T Tractor Truck - High Tilt, WHR64 Straight Truck - High Tilt, WHR64 Straight Truck - Low Tilt, WHR64T Tractor Truck - High Tilt, WHR84 Straight Truck - High Tilt, WHR84 Straight Truck - Low Tilt, WIA42T Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, WIA62 Straight Truck - Medium Conven tional, WIA62T Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, WIA64T Tractor Truck - Medium Conventional, WIA84T Tractor Truck - Medium Convent ional. The engine types may include 11.1L 11096CC 677Cu. L6 CNG, 11.1L 11096CC 677Cu. L6 DIESEL Turbo/Aftercooled, 12.0L 732 Cu. 6 DIESEL, 12.7L 12686CC 774Cu. L6 DIESEL Turbo/Aftercooled, 14.0L 14013CC 855Cu.

L6 DIESEL, 14.0L 14063CC 858Cu. L6 DIESEL Turbo/Aftercooled, 8.5L 8506CC 519Cu. L4 CNG, 8.5L 8506CC 519Cu.

This part fits vehic les made in the following years 1988,1989,1990,1991,1992,1993,1994,1995,1996,1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,200 7,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018. This item may interchange to the following part numbers from other brands. At Virota, we don't think those warm fuzzy relationships we all knew from simpler, kinder times are old-fashioned. We're working to build a state-of-the-art, online auto repair resource complete with the parts, people and information you need to stay in motion.

But we're also backing our web experience with down-home, kitchen-table-support people that know cars, care about you and call you by name. If we don't have the answer, we'll find it and get right back to. Really, it's no trouble.

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  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
  • PackQuantity: 1
  • SKU: BBSC:46002HD
  • UPC: 770075511991
  • Brand: Gates
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 46002HD
  • Pulley Included: Yes
  • Housing Material: Cast Iron
  • Fitment Type: Performance/Custom
  • Fan Clutch Included: No
  • Outlet Quantity: 7
  • Impeller Rotation: Reverse
  • Impeller Material: Cast Iron
  • Includes Back Housing: No
  • Contents: Water Pump, 3 Plugs, O-Ring
  • Drive Style: Accessory Belt
  • Thermostat And Housing Included: No
  • Timing Belt Driven: No

Premium Engine Water PumpWater Pump (HeavyDuty) Gates 46002HD (Fast Shipping)